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Special Auto Insurance Rates for Senior Citizens

Special discounts are offered to senior citizens between the ages of 50 and 65 because they are in a group of fewer accidents. The insurers will also offer you a discount if you have no driving offenses within the last three years while keeping up your liability insurance coverage. They are also offered discounts if they have a clean record or if they choose to attend driving courses. If your insurance company will offer you a discount for taking the driving courses check with your state DMV for a list of approved schools. Check with your insurer to see which ones they recommend.

There are also a few auto insurance companies that will offer an old timer discounts on their premiums if they attend safety and accident prevention courses. For example, iin Florida there is a Senior Operator Accident Prevention Course (APC) offered and if the senior citizen can bring in a certificate they are given an discount.

Another example in California is a Mature Driver Improvement Course offered to senior citizens. After they have completed this course and brought in the certificate to the California DMV they are given a discount on their car insurance.

For the information for what your state allows pertaining to the car insurance rates for drivers over the age of 65 visit your state's insurance regulator.

According to the Senior Journal most major car insurance companies offer 5%-10% discount to mature drivers beginning at the ages of 50 or 55.